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Organizational Policy

Texas State recognizes the right of any group of students to form a voluntary organization for purposes not forbidden by the laws of the United States or the state of Texas. Student organizations at Texas State must be registered with Student Involvement and must meet the following requirements each year to maintain recognition and active status for the academic year:

  • Electronically submit an annual registration form, which includes a list of officers and advisors.
  • Complete the state-mandated risk management program.
  • Secure a faculty/staff advisor who is employed by the university at least half-time.
  • The president, vice president and treasurer, or their equivalents, from each registered student organization must maintain a 2.25 Texas State cumulative GPA.

A student organization directory is available at

No organization may participate in privileges provided to registered student organizations, such as hold any meetings on university property, post on university property or solicit on university property, until officially registered. The authority of such an organization to operate on campus may cease upon the removal or resignation of the advisor, or upon the violation by the organization, or any of its members, of the rules and regulations of the university or the laws of the state of Texas.

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the advisor and student officers of each student organization to make members aware of university policy at meetings and activities. Policies include, but are not limited to, university sanctioned student travel, posting, solicitation, assembly activities and student organization discipline (UPPS No. 05.06.03, 07.04.02, 07.04.03, 07.04.05, SA/PPS 07.06).

Student Involvement

LBJ Student Center 4-11.1

Student Involvement recognizes the impact of campus involvement and engagement to student success and persistence. Student Involvement is committed to enriching Bobcats through service, student organizations and activities. We encourage you to get involved! Student Involvement contributes to the out-of-class experiences of learning, serving, and leading.

The office staff provides advising, training, workshops, program planning assistance and resources to promote student success through growth, development and leadership skills. Participation and involvement in the following programs sponsored by these chartered student organizations are available:

  • Bobcat Build
  • Bobcat Preview
  • Cat Camp
  • Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO)
  • Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA)
  • Student Foundation
  • Student Organizations Council (SOC)
  • Student Volunteer Connection (SVC)

The following resources are provided for students and student organizations:

  • Leadership skills development and programming
  • Programs and services for over 400 registered student organizations 
  • Resources and support for the faculty/staff advisors for student organizations
  • Individualized Co-Curricular Activity Transcript (iCAT)
  • Reserving space in the Quad, LBJSC Mall, and Bobcat Trail
  • Approval for posting on campus
  • Event Intake Review for space reserved in the LBJ Student Center
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    Individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, or aromantic (LGBTQiA+) have historically felt invisible or unsafe on college and university campuses, or found the climate uninviting or hostile. These conditions often foil attempts to foster student development and growth, to recruit faculty and staff and to retain the diversity of the campus community.

    “We are all Allies of Texas State” is a personal pledge made campus-wide to create a supportive and welcoming environment for LGBTQiA+ Bobcats. AdvoCats offers student-only trainings facilitated by a peer educator team. The training Is offered monthly at varying times during fall and spring semesters. Any student completing the trainings has an opportunity to sign a contract to become an Official Ally of Texas State and join a campus-wide network of Allies. Official Allies receive an Ally of Texas State Placard that signify a “safe place” where LGBTQiA individuals can speak in confidence and receive help, advice and support.

    Register for a training through the office of Student Diversity and Inclusion website at

    LBJ Student Center, 3-20.5
    512.245.2371 |

    Once a Bobcat, Always a Bobcat

    Texas State has an alumni network of over 209,000 Bobcats who are making a difference in communities around the world. Our goal is to continue to cultivate Bobcat pride after graduation by offering fulfilling alumni involvement and engagement opportunities that highlight how the university’s current initiatives add value to every Texas State degree.

    Future Alumni

    The Alumni Association not only supports over 209,000 proud Bobcat graduates, but we also provide opportunities for current students as they work toward being able to call themselves Texas State alumni. Each year, we award multiple scholarships and host events that encourage Bobcat pride and traditions such as Senior Trade Up (a t-shirt trade for your first alumni shirt), career networking and mentoring events, and the Official Texas State Ring Celebration.

    Student Alumni Council

    The Student Alumni Council is a student organization chartered by the Texas State Alumni Association. This group acts as a bridge between the current student body and the Alumni Association by engaging with current students around pride and traditions, leadership development, and philanthropy. They also facilitate key Texas State events such as Trade Up, Step Up for State, and the Ring Celebration.

    LBJ Student Center 4-7.1

    Bobcat Build is a chartered student organization of Student Involvement. The mission of Bobcat Build is to create a Texas State tradition of pride through a day of service projects that builds awareness, tradition, and community. Bobcat Build was started in 2003 as a way to say "thank You" to San Marcos. It has now turned into the largest, one-day, student-led service project for Texas State University. Held each spring semester, Bobcat Build strengthens the bond between Texas State and the community of San Marcos.

    Bobcat Build officers are selected each April for a one-year term. Bobcat Build committee members are selected in the fall semester each year. Follow Bobcat Build on Instagram (@bobcatbuild) to see how you can participate!

    LBJ Student Center 4-7.1

    Bobcat Preview is a chartered student organization of Student Involvement. Bobcat Preview is an orientation program that takes place after New Student Orientation (NSO), right before classes start each semester! Bobcat Preview’s goal is to foster important connections between first-year Bobcats and the university community. Bobcat Preview promotes building a supportive community for all students that will benefit them during and after their time at Texas State University through a variety of campus events that take place the week before classes start. Bobcat Preview is planned by a student organization of over 40 student leaders, made up of Peer Assistance Leaders (PALs) and officers..

    Bobcat Preview officers are selected each September for a one-year term. PALs are selected at the beginning of each spring semester. Follow Bobcat Preview on Instagram (@bobcatpreviewtxst) to learn more!

    LBJ Student Center 4-7.1

    Cat Camp is an extended orientation program that prepares students for their first year by teaching Texas State history and traditions, creating connections between new and current students, and providing them with all the resources to be successful in their first year as a Bobcat. In three days, students are able to learn all the reasons to be proud to be a Bobcat and develop confidence in their ability to successfully transition into our community.

    LBJ Student Center 4-14.1
    Twitter: @TXSTFSL

    The Dean of Students Fraternity and Sorority Life staff provides advising, education, programming, support and administration for the activities of the four Fraternity & Sorority governing councils, which include the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and the Panhellenic Council (PHC) and each of their member organizations. The Fraternity & Sorority Life Programming Board plans and executes educational programs and community events for fraternity and sorority members inclusive of all four Fraternity & Sorority governing councils. The Dean of Students Office serves as a liaison to Texas State and the surrounding community in affairs affecting the Texas State social Fraternity & Sorority letter community.

    LBJ Student Center 4-8.1
    Twitter: @txstifc

    The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for fraternities in the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). Its responsibilities include providing recruitment resources that support year-round recruitment, operating a student judicial system for member fraternities and providing programming for the member chapters, which include:

    • Alpha Epsilon Pi – Colony
    • Alpha Sigma Phi
    • Delta Sigma Phi
    • Omega Delta Phi
    • Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)
    • Phi Kappa Sigma – Colony
    • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    • Sigma Chi
    • Sigma Nu
    • Theta Chi
    LBJ Student Center 5-2.2
    Twitter: @LambdaTXST

    Lambda of Texas State is a chartered organization under the office of Student Diversity and Inclusion with a purpose is to provide social, political and educational support to LGBTQiA+ students. Lambda raises awareness of the needs of its members and community within and beyond Texas State University. Membership in the organization is open to all current students of Texas State University. Meeting times Can be obtained by emailing or

    LBJ Student Center 4-8.1

    The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is the governing body for culturally based sororities and fraternities. The council serves as a coordinating body for all formal recruitment activities, social activities, workshops, seminars and community service projects in which the following member fraternities and sororities are engaged:


    • Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc.
    • Delta Xi Nu Sorority, Inc.
    • Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.
    • Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc.


    • Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    • Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc.
    LBJ Student Center 4-8.1
    Twitter: @TXStateNPHC

    The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC) at Texas State is the chief governing body for all historically African-American sororities and fraternities that are affiliated with the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. The council serves as a coordinating body for all social activities, workshops, seminars, community service projects, as well as operating the student judicial board for the following member sororities and fraternities:


    • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
    • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
    • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
    • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.


    • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
    • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
    • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
    LBJ Student Center 4-3.1

    Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO) addresses the needs of students with additional life experiences. Examples include but are not limited to being a commuter student, a transfer student, being married, a parent, a veteran/member of the military, international student, graduate student, or returning to college after several years away. The organization imbues a sense of community, provides a support network, learning atmosphere and social activities, as well as the opportunity for non-traditional students to integrate into campus life. NTSO sponsors events throughout the year, including the signature recognition event for graduating seniors at the end of each semester. Members are eligible each semester to apply for an endowed scholarship that NTSO manages. Membership dues are $15 each semester help defray the cost of programs and services.

    LBJ Student Center 4-8.1
    Twitter: @TXStatePanhell

    The Panhellenic Council is the chief governing body for sororities affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). It serves as chief coordinator and sponsor of most Panhellenic campus programs and recruitment activities, promoting cooperation among its member sororities, which include:

    • Alpha Delta Pi 
    • Alpha Gamma Delta
    • Alpha Xi Delta 
    • Chi Omega 
    • Delta Gamma 
    • Delta Zeta 
    • Gamma Phi Beta
    • Zeta Tau Alpha 
  • Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society for college students designed to encourage and reward academic excellence.

    All students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of a full semester during their first year at Texas State are eligible to join. Notification of this honor is sent to students during the spring semester. Phi Eta Sigma offers a lifetime membership that continues its efforts beyond the first year.

    The Texas State Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma is a recognized student organization on campus. Membership offers opportunities for scholarships, social events and community service, as well as an excellent chance to become involved and connected at Texas State.

    DHRL, Suite 303
    512.245.RHA1 (7421)

    The Residence Hall Association (RHA) provides a voice for residence hall students and is the umbrella organization for all the individual hall councils. Each residence hall has a council that organizes and coordinates programs to improve the social, cultural, recreational and intellectual atmosphere. The residence hall councils and RHA address issues that surface regarding living conditions in the halls, as well as provide leadership development opportunities.

    LBJ Student Center 4-4.1

    SACA is a student-run, university-funded organization committed to creating an exciting campus life for all to enjoy. We are the primary source for free, fun, and high-quality entertainment on campus for the entire student body. We are most known for signature events like Grocery Bingo, Tunes at Noon, WTFloat, Homecoming, and Gaillardia Fest. There are even off-campus excursions through our SACA-Ventures programs. We strive to provide fun and diverse programs that encourage campus engagement and building community among students. You can hang out at one of our events with friends or use them to make connections with other Bobcats on campus. Joining as a member or serving on our Executive Board also opens the door to opportunities for involvement, connection, and development through your college journey. Keep an eye on our social media (@sacatxst) and website for all of our latest updates.

    SACA events on campus are free of charge and open to all students, staff and faculty. We also offer off-campus excursions throughout the year into the San Marcos and surrounding communities for a discounted rate.

    LBJ Student Center 4-12.1

    Student Foundation is a Texas State chartered student organization housed under Student Involvement @LBJSC. Student Foundation’s core purpose is to support the development and sustainability of student leaders and promote Texas State’s positive image through involvement in presidential, university and community events, as well as special programming. Major events hosted by Student Foundation include Foundations of Excellence, Veterans Day Commemoration and the Bobcat Pause Memorial Service. Student Foundation members are selected through a selection criterion that emphasizes leadership, ethics, service, inclusivity, campus and community activities and commitment to Texas State.

    LBJ Student Center 4-5.1
    Twitter: @txstSG

    Student Government is the voice of Texas State students. It is a governing and advocacy body that answers to the student body at large. Student Government members work closely with faculty, administrators, city leaders, state officials and the Board of Regents to advance the collective cause of Texas State students. Student Government is “students serving students.” Meeting times are 7 p.m. on Mondays during fall and spring semesters in the LBJ Student Center Teaching Theater.

    LBJ Student Center 4-2.3

    The Student Organizations Council (SOC) is a representative body and chartered governing council recognized by Texas State. It is a chartered student organization sponsored by Student Involvement. SOC provides direction and support for all registered student organizations at the university.

    SOC coordinates the following activities for student organizations:

    • Student Involvement Fairs (fall and spring)
    • Educational programming for student organization officers and advisors
    • Bobcat Boost, a podcast dedicated to offering a platform for student organizations to show Texas State students what they are passionate about
    • Organization and Advisor Appreciation
    • Organization Recognition
    • SOC oversees the funding requests and allocations for organizational activities

    SOC is also charged with initiating special projects and programs that benefit our 400+ registered student organizations. Student Organizations Council is dedicated to helping all student organizations across campus serve the Texas State University student body.

    LBJ Student Center 4-2.3

    The mission of the Student Volunteer Connection (SVC) is to provide experiential opportunities for Texas State students to explore social issues in the community and have a direct impact by serving the community. SVC provides service programming that seeks to empower and challenge students to understand their relationships with the global community through education, reflection, and service.

    Student Volunteer Connection (SVC) at Texas State University provides support for communities in need. Our work is measured not by the amount of time that we serve but the impact that we have on the communities we serve. It is our believe that community is a verb. We aim to empower our members to advocate for their own communities, while also providing a community to advocate for them. We aim to be ever-changing in our knowledge, but steadfast in our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all.

    LBJ Student Center 4-9.1
    Twitter: @USAC_TXST

    The Underrepresented Student Advisory Council (USAC) is a council composed of multiple registered student organizations at Texas State University. USAC welcomes and supports registered student organizations with membership that is comprised of historically underrepresented communities and groups in higher education. USAC's mission is to promote diversity and support equal opportunity initiatives for a more inclusive and global society. USAC supports this mission by providing social justice education and creating a safe space to discuss diversity issues. The council promotes and funds events/activities that incorporate social justice and promote diversity at Texas State University.

    Alumni and Future Student Welcome Center
    LBJ Student Center, 3-20.0

    University Ambassadors is a chartered, volunteer organization that supports the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in the recruitment of a talented and diverse student population.

    The University Ambassadors serve to develop pride and support for Texas State University by engaging with future, current, and former Bobcats. Ambassadors host thousands of prospective high school and transfer students, their families and visitors during events such as Bobcat Days, large group visits and Academic Visit Days. Ambassadors value leadership, pride, education and engagement, and cultivate these skills by assisting with events and activities throughout the year.

    Membership is restricted to students who successfully complete a competitive selection process. Anyone interested in becoming an Ambassador should contact the organization for an application or visit the website at the beginning of each semester for information on deadlines and interviews.

    LBJ Student Center 4-13.3

    The Veterans Alliance of Texas State University (VATS) was established in 2008 and chartered in 2013 as a support organization for student veterans at Texas State University. VATS is made up of US military veterans and military-connected students with the mission of assisting our military members with the transition from service to student.

    VATS provide an extensive social and professional network in addition to connecting other veterans with the various resources available to them. VATS hosts the Annual Golf Tournament, Coffee Breaks, Game Day Socials, Veteran Outreach Days in Quad and Wounded Warrior Project. All student veterans are encouraged to join.