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Study Body President Andrew Gryce Headshot

Welcome, Bobcat Class of 2025!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to your new home, Texas State University! Congratulations on beginning your journey at a school that will continue to improve your life long after you graduate. Texas State has a quintessential role to play in the improvement of the San Marcos community, and its impacts span across the globe.

Texas Stat University upholds its title as the Rising Star of Texas. As an Emerging Research University, Texas State is eligible to tap into specially allocated state funds designed to bolster research within institutions of higher education. With 98 undergraduate majors and a clear path toward becoming a notable research institution, your academic options here are unrivaled. Not to mention, one of the most iconic features at Texas State is its unique ecosystem featuring Sewell Park and the river; so, be sure to float!

In order to gain the full college experience, you must get involved with the university. I would encourage any Bobcat to take advantage of every opportunity that Texas State so excellently provides. Being active on campus will allow you to enjoy many rewards, from making new friends to growing as a leader. Located on the fourth floor of the LBJ Student Center, the Student Involvement Office oversees more than 400 registered student organizations. There is truly a place for everyone on our campus and we take a keen sense of pride in that.  Personally, getting involved in student organizations has allowed me to meet some amazing individuals and find my voice at this university.

In addition to Student Involvement, it is worth taking the time to get involved in the Leadership Institute. The institute provides a safe place to develop leadership skills and surround yourself with a team of diverse people all working toward a similar goal. Though college can be an extremely exciting and eventful time in one's life, it is also important to keep the purpose of personal growth in the forefront of your mind.  Remember, as with most things, you will get what you put into this school. Texas State University will undoubtably provide the tools and support for your success, but will you utilize them to their fullest extent?.

Your Student Government is always here to help you and hear the voices of each and every Bobcat. Our office is located on the fourth floor of the LBJ Student Center in Room 4-5.1. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. The Senate meets every Monday night in the LBJ Student Center Teaching Theater at 7 p.m. I encourage all of you to attend so you can hear about what is going on at our university and play a key role in helping to bring positive change and make a lasting impact on our campus.

Cherish your time here at Texas State and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. I could not be more thrilled to welcome you to our Bobcat family! Students today, Bobcats for Life.

Eat ’Em Up, Cats!
Andrew Gryce
Student Body President

Dr. Cynthia Hernandez Professional Headshot

Dear Student:

Congratulations on being admitted to Texas State University and welcome to our Bobcat Community.  Your admission to Texas State communicates our belief in you and your success.  We are committed, as a university community, to provide you with the assistance, encouragement, and support necessary for you to become a successful graduate of Texas State.

Our university is guided by a shared collection of values that are important as we interact with each other. These shared values include:

  • Learning. Teaching and learning based on research, student involvement, and the free exchange of ideas in a supportive environment;
  • Discovery. Research and creative activities that encompass the full range of academic disciplines—research with relevance, from the sciences to the arts, from the theoretical to the applied;
  • Character. The cultivation of character, integrity, honesty, civility, compassion, fairness, respect, and ethical behavior in all members of our university community;
  • Inclusion. A diversity of people and ideas, a spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and a sense of community as essential conditions for campus life;
  • Service. A commitment to service and leadership for the public good;
  • Accountability. Responsible stewardship of our resources and environment; and continued reflection and evaluation to ensure that our strengths as a community always benefit those we serve.

Engagement in your academic studies and campus activities will provide you with the skills and competencies to be highly sought-after graduates and leaders in your communities. Your success will be dependent on your interactions both in and out of the classroom.

As a Bobcat community, we look out for and take care of each other. Please reach out for help and assistance when  you need it. Connect and engage with our faculty, staff and fellow Bobcats. Overall, a collective commitment to our community is what makes Texas State special.

Best wishes for a successful year.  Go Bobcats!


Dr. Cynthia L. Hernandez
Vice President for Student Affairs

Telephone Directory

Off campus, dial 512.245 plus the last four digits, unless a 10-digit number is listed.

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  • President

    Dr. Denise M. Trauth  5.2121

    Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

    Dr. Eugene J. Bourgeois  5.2205

    Vice President, University Administration 

    Dr. Lisa Lloyd  5.2121

    Vice President, Finance and Support Services 

    Mr. Eric Algoe  5.2244

    Vice President, Student Affairs

    Dr. Joanne H. Smith  5.2152

    Vice President, Information Technology

    Mr. Kenneth Pierce  5.9650

    Vice President, University Advancement

    Dr. Barbara Breier  5.2396

  • Dean, University College  5.3579

    Dean, The Graduate College  5.2581

    Dean, The Honors College  5.2266

    Dean, College of Applied Arts  5.3333

    Dean, Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration  5.2311

    Dean, College of Education  5.2150

    Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication  5.2308

    Dean, College of Health Professions  5.3300

    Dean, College of Liberal Arts  5.2317

    Dean, College of Science and Engineering  5.2119

  • Accounting  5.2566

    Aerospace Studies (AFROTC)  5.2182

    Agriculture  5.2130

    Anthropology  5.8272

    Art and Design  5.2611

    Biology  5.2178

    Chemistry and Biochemistry  5.2156

    Clinical Laboratory Science  5.3500

    Communication Disorders  512.716.2624

    Communication Studies  5.2165

    Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods  5.2291

    Computer Science  5.3409

    Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology  5.3083

    Criminal Justice  5.2174

    Curriculum and Instruction  5.3701

    Engineering  5.1826

    Engineering Technology  5.2137

    English  5.2163

    Family and Consumer Sciences  5.2155

    Finance and Economics  5.2547

    Geography  5.2170

    Health Administration  5.3494

    Health and Human Performance  5.2561

    Health Information Management  5.8242

    History  5.2142

    Journalism and Mass Communication  5.2656

    Management  5.2571

    Marketing  5.7428

    Mathematics  5.2551

    Military Science (Army ROTC)  5.3232

    Modern Languages  5.2360

    Music  5.2651

    Nursing  512.716.2900

    Occupational Education  5.2115

    Philosophy  5.2285

    Physical Therapy  512.716.2652

    Physics  5.2131

    Political Science  5.2143

    Psychology  5.2526

    Radiation Therapy  5.9081

    Respiratory Care  512.716.2682

    Social Work  5.2592

    Sociology  5.2113

    Theatre and Dance  5.2147

  • Accounting Office  5.2541


    Undergraduate  5.2364

    Graduate  5.2581

    Alumni Association  5.2371

    ASB Computer Lab  5.8055

    Athletics  5.2114

    Attorney for Students  5.2370

    Auxiliary Services  5.2585

    Bobcat Shuttle  5.5555

    Campus Recreation  5.2940

    Main Desk  5.2940

    Outdoor Center  5.2004

    Career Services  5.2645

    CatsWeb Helpline  5.4822

    Center for International Studies  5.2339

    Center for the Study of the Southwest  5.2224

    Child Development Center  5.2621

    Continuing Education  5.2507

    Copy Cats  5.2684

    Correspondence Self-paced Studies  5.2322

    Counseling Center  5.2208

    Custodial Services Operations  5.2181

    Dean of Students Office  5.2124

    Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services  5.3601

    Attorney for Students  5.2370

    Fraternity and Sorority Life  5.5646

    Leadership Institute  5.5323

    Ombuds Services  5.2124

    Student Emergency Services  5.2124

    Student Conduct 5.2124

    Disability Services  5.3451

    Diversity/Gender Studies  5.2361

    Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management  5.3616

    Equity and Access  5.2539

    Family Association  5.4326

    Financial Aid and Scholarships  5.2315

    Grounds Operations  5.7846

    Human Resources  5.2557

    ID Services  5.2297


    Campus Directory  0

    From Off Campus  512.245.2111

    Information Technology  5.9650

    Instructional Technologies  5.2319

    Interfraternity Council  5.1663

    International Office  5.7966

    Interpreter Services  5.3451

    ITAC  5.4822

    KTSW 89.9  5.5879

    LBJ Student Center 

    Director  5.3459

    Reservations (LBJ Student Center)  5.2264

    Library, Alkek

    Library Hours  5.2686

    University Librarian  5.2133

    Circulation/Library Holds  5.3681

    Computer Lab  5.2106

    Reference Desk  5.2686

    Reserve Desk  5.2328

    SLAC  5.2515

    Special Collections/Archives  5.2313

    Teaching Theatre  5.3700

    The Wittliff Collections  5.2313

    Multicultural Greek Council  5.1664

    National Pan-Hellenic Council  5.1664

    Non-Traditional Student Organization  5.4923

    Panhellenic Council  5.1664

    Parking Services  5.2887

    Payroll  5.2543

    Physical Education Laundry  5.2960

    Police Department (Administrative)  5.8336

    Dispatch (Nonemergency)  5.2805

    Print & Mail Services  5.2601

    Professional Development  5.7899

    Registrar  5.2367

    Round Rock Campus  512.716.4001

    Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic  5.8241

    Sponsored Programs  5.2314

    Strutters  5.2600
    Student Business Services  5.2544

    Student Diversity and Inclusion  5.2278

    Student Foundation  5.3469

    Student Government  5.1274

    Student Health Center  5.2161

    Student Involvement  5.3219

    Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC)  5.2515

    Student Organizations Council  5.1635

    Student Support Services  5.2275

    Technology Resources  5.2501

    Testing Center  5.2276

    Texas Success Initiative Program (TSIP)  5.3942

    Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation Services  5.3625

    Theatre Box Office  5.6500

    Transcripts  5.2367

    TSIE  5.7810

    University Bookstore  5.2273

    University Marketing  5.1555

    University News Service  5.2180

    University Seminar  5.7952

    University Star  5.3487

    Vehicle Reservations  5.2518

    Veterans Affairs  5.2641

    Weather and Closure Information  5.2424

    Welcome Center (Tours)  5.8871

    Writing Center  5.3018

  • Administrative Office  5.4663 (HOME)

  • Angelina Hall  5.1110

    Arnold Hall  5.2256 

    Beretta Hall  5.2100

    Bexar Hall  5.2640

    Blanco Hall  5.2055

    Bobcat Village  5.1440

    Brogdon Hall  5.2213

    Butler Hall  5.2216

    Chautauqua Hall  5.1000

    College Inn  5.2270

    Falls Hall  5.1020 

    Gaillardia Hall  5.1000

    Jackson Hall  5.2253

    Lantana Hall  5.2226

    Laurel Hall  5.2229

    Retama Hall  5.2231

    San Gabriel Hall  5.1110 

    San Jacinto Hall  5.7676

    San Marcos Hall  5.3369

    Sayers Hall  5.1020 

    Smith Hall  5.2256

    Sterry Hall  5.2237

    Tower Hall  5.2302